Partners & Doners


REALISTIC has partnered with LIWA  primary school,
Oscar Mpetha High School

Comprehensive High School.
Realists are going in to the schools and acting as group mentors.

They under the supervision of a trained social worker who guides the Realists in their work.


Chrysalis Academy
The Chrysalis Academy deals with the youth at risk and is funded by the Department of Safety and Security. They have been extremely generous in allowing REALISTIC to use their facilities during the selection process as well as provding a site for our substance abuse camps.

The LEAP Schools
LEAP Science and Maths School is creating a model that could begin to address the inequalities in the South African education system. The values-based framework of LEAP creates an empowering educational environment that enables each learner to develop fully as a human being with a positive, caring lifestyle and healthy work ethic.

Teach With Africa
Teach with Africa works to break down the economic and social barriers to education in Africa by sending teams of educators to implement projects in underserved communities through an exchange of teaching and learning. Teach With Africa works hand in hand with REALISTIC by helping organize events, counsel the Realists and provides business and organizational advice.

Mitchell's Plain Correctional Services
REALISTIC works hand in hand with Department of Correctional Services during the period of recruitment. Realists are brought to REALISTIC by the help of Mitchell Plain Community Corrections. The DCS office deals with all people that are being realised on Parole, from different prisons and REALISTIC services the Gugulethu and Langa Districts.

New Wine Foundation
REALISTIC has recently forged an exciting partnership with New Wine Foundation. This partnership involves a Reconstruction and Development Programme of the souls of ex offenders and the spiritual transformation in all dimensions (Physical, mental, spiritual & social). During this transformation process, Realists deal with stigma of being called by names and also deal with anger management. Also important is to help facilitate Realists discovering their life’s purpose and who they really are.