About Us

A realistic dream for all


REALISTIC’s vision is: To facilitate community reintegration and reconciliation for community members trapped in substance abuse, men and woman in the justice system and their families through advocacy, education and restorative justice.

.Realist's MISSION is: To provide rehabilitative programs for victims, ex-offenders and families, by promotion and enabling healing and reconciliation for those in our community affected by crime and substance abuse.


REALISTIC promotes and ascribes to the following values:
• Dignity and integrity
• Commitment
• Discipline
• Leadership and responsibility

Overview of Realistic

REALISTIC is a non-governmental organization busy working nationally with communities rendering a holistic service towards socio-economic challenged situations, poverty, unemployment, TB and HIV/AIDS, substance abuse awareness and early intervention, substance abuse re-integration programme as well as out-patient treatment, Youth prevention of early school drop outs , teenage pregnancy and early preventative programmes. We are working with the community, bringing a positive change about in the current state of the community..

REALISTIC was established in 2004 by a former employee of the South African Department of Correctional Services (DSC) who realised that many ex-inmates re-offended after they are release from prison because they are unable to reintegrate into their families and/or communities.

Realist's mission is to reduce the incidence of crime by preventing the dynamic of repeat offending which contributes substantially to the high crime rate in South Africa and the elimination of substance use through therapeutic programmes. The organization recognizes that many young people who succumb to risky life choices and subsequently end up in the criminal justice system are, for the most part, products of their context that is, structural poverty and its psycho-social impact.